FS HearthGuard

  • Collect your records with a lossless process
  • Monitor performance, data access, and usage
  • Analyse and gain insight into the way your organisation operates
  • Conform to security standards and regulations

FS HearthGuard

FS HearthGuard centralizes and secures collecting and archiving records in an effective way.

Analyze and Report in a Completely New Way

It used to take us 2–3 days to solve problems, now it takes 5–15 minutes.

Organizations’ operational records are often stored in a wide variety of systems, all in different formats. How do you maintain visibility to your organization's performance and security compliance? Or how do you prove that you are following all applicable regulations and standards?

I want to see who has accessed our information and make sure that nothing leaks outside the company.

How can I be sure I've done all I can to follow our security guidelines and regulations?

FS HearthGuard Offers a Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Solution for Record Management

FS HearthGuard centralizes and secures collecting and archiving records in an effective way. The centralized management exposes the organization's operations in a completely new way.

With FS HearthGuard, we've been able to expand our service portfolio to cloud-based analytics. With the service, we can effortlessly combine our client data from various sources and systems. That is not our area of expertise, so now we can focus on creating better value for our clients without having to worry about information security or service development.

Collect, monitor and analyse

Collect Monitor Analyse

Collect and Archive

FS HearthGuard collects losslessly records from all source systems. It archives collected records in a unified format which enables further processing and utilization.

All information is stored securely, according to GDPR- and FIVA-regulations and the ISO 27001-standard.

collect and archive
monitor and predict

Monitor and Predict

With FS HearthGuard, understanding the big picture becomes effortless. Predict, prevent and mitigate incidents and disruptions by using real-time performance information.

You can monitor all events related to critical information, for instance personnel or customer records. Because of our secured service you can track added, viewed, modified and removed data.

Analyse and Report

Report effortlessly and comply with official requests by using FS HearthGuard. With FS HearthGuard, you will quickly and comprehensively prove that all operations follow the required regulatory demands and security standards.

Our advanced analytics platform gives a deeper insight into the organization’s operations. If needed, you can combine FS HearthGuard with Splunk, Hitachi Pentaho or various SIEM systems.

analyse and report

Choose the Service Model

FS HearthGuard Enterprise

FS HearthGuard Enterprise is deployed inside your own data center. It runs entirely inside your secure environment.

FS HearthGuard SaaS

FS HearthGuard SaaS offers you all the features of the Enterprise version. You don’t need to invest in a demanding and expensive server environment.

The SaaS version runs inside Fail-Safe’s private, secure cloud and is connected to your system through a VPN connection. However, it’s still possible to include additional products. For example you can include Hitachi Pentaho analytics platform with a uniquely competitive pricing model.

I run my own restaurant and got into trouble with my security camera footage — someone leaked a recording of a live performance to YouTube. To prevent it from ever happening again, I signed up to FS HearthGuard SaaS and it was so easy to set up! The very next week the network security center called and told me that someone had accessed gambling sites from inside our network. Well, that was me so it's okay, but now I know it really works!

It's so easy! I wonder what else I could monitor with this...?

FS ComplianceFrame

Delivered as a part of FS HearthGuard, FS ComplianceFrame helps to ensure that all servers and devices follow the desired security policies and configurations.

Read more.

FS Managed Services

You can expand your FS HearthGuard subscription with support and incident management services based on your needs. Our personnel monitor the service's performance, manage updates, upgrades, recover and support your own IT personnel.