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  • Take control of the records, logs, and servers of your organization
  • Utilize data analytics efficiently
  • Discover the power of open source

FS Consulting

FS Consulting helps you with record and log management, data analytics, open source software, IT infrastructure, and GDPR.

Fail-Safe can Guide, Help and Implement

We need to get ISO certified quickly! What should we do?

Could someone take responsibility for our security?

Could I just get the most straightforward Splunk training?

Don't hesitate to contact us on anything related to record management! We at Fail-Safe are specialists on data analytics, log handling and the security of both.

We are experts on various open source solutions, such as Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin. Our professionals are also proficient with Splunk, the most popular security analytics software.

GDPR requirements and IT infrastructure are also part of our know-how.

Project-Based Data Analysis

We do data analysis on a per-project basis to match the unique organizational needs of each customer. We can process through the existing record and log assets in your systems and create analyses and predictions based on them.

We can create real-time data flows that can be used to build, for example, constantly updating machine learning predictions. If you so wish, we can also help you with statistical analysis and the use of various analysis techniques.

In our data analysis projects we use open source technologies such as Apach Spark. The Spark-based data analysis software Apache Zeppelin is fully customizable for use in unique projects.

Data Analytics Software

Data analytics software helps organizations to understand and visualize massive data flows. We recommend Splunk, Apache Zeppelin or Teragrep.

We can take care of installation, deployment and maintenance of Splunk, Zeppelin or Teragrep within your own server environment. We can also help you in configuring the integrations, UI views and automatic alerts.

We can also ensure that the data that passes through the system is handled and archived securely and according to regulations.

Open Source and Technical Support

We customize various open source software for the individual needs of organizations.

We can make sure that the open source software you desire to use works in your server environment and is compatible with your existing systems.

Apache Spark is a technology for cluster-based computing performed on large-scale server systems. These sorts of large server systems benefit from automation technology such as CFEngine. For transferring the data securely we recommend our Rsyslog based solution.

We can help you in deployment, settings and maintanance of CFEngine and Rsyslog. We can also develop further solutions that utilize them.

Infrastructure Analysis

We help organizations to analyze, maintain and develop their IT infrastructure. We can set up server clusters for you, configure them and design firewall systems for them. We can also do the same for your existing servers.

We can audit your infrastructure to ensure that it meets, for example, the ISO 9001 quality standards. We can also examine your infrastructure for possible vulnerabilities and offer solutions for optimizing your network traffic.

GDPR Consulting

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces legal requirements for handling personal information.

We can perform a full GDPR audit for you and make sure that your customer data is archived and handled in a secure way and according to regulations. Logs and other analytics data can also include large amounts of personal information, in which case they also need to be handled and archived in a GDPR compliant manner.

If you have questions or specific wishes related to GDPR, we also offer one-off consultation sessions.